“There is a perversity in the learning process: We look backward at history and tradition to go forward; we can also look downward to go upward. And withholding judgment may be used as a tool to make later judgment more sensitive. This is a way of learning from everything.”

Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour
Learning from Las Vegas, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1972


Call for Contributions
Learning from

Learning, an act of achieving skills, is always in relation to time and therefore can be acquired fast or slow. We learn from others, we learn from self-experience and we learn by force.

We are interested in what Learning from means for architects and architecture itself. From projects or buildings to architecture dialogue, theory and discussion. For architectural education from both, the teaching and studying perspective. What did we learn from and what will we learn from in the future.

Planphase encourages contributors to submit any content that has not previously been published. However, content can also be transformed or recycled to shine in a new light.

Seeing great potential in a dialogue, Planphase invites anyone to contact, ask questions or make proposals for any kind of submission as well as for collaborations.

Planphase does not limit itself to a strict concept and therefore submissions can be diverse in form, varying from essays, interviews, photography, illustrations, collages or even hybrid forms of content. Planphase does not claim to be scientific, but welcomes examination of different views, approaches, positions and theses in architecture.


​Submission Guidelines:
1. Submit your abstract work until June 15th, 2017
All text should be submitted digitally in Word format. All photos should be submitted digitally (min. 300 dpi) 
including a list of the illustrations providing the following information: Illustration source, photographer name, copyright holder and possible caption.
2. Contributors will be informed if their submission is considered for the upcoming issue.
3. Submit your final contribution until August 1st, 2017

Additionally proposals for articles may be submitted at any time or topic, in either English or German.


Atelier Amont
Alberto Campo Baeza
Alexander Barina
Bonell + Doriga
Simon Burko
Carmody Groarke
Max Creasy
Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten
Martin & Werner Feiersinger
Job Floris
Furrer Jud Architekten
William Galloway
Tota Goya

Alex Herter Architekt
Hugh Strange Architects
June 14
Benjamin Krüger
Sabrina Kösters
Oliver Lütjens & Thomas Padmanabhan
Peter Märkli
Sauter von Moos
ONO architectuur
Philipp Schallnau
Schneider Türtscher
Stephan Schürmann
Miriam Waltz
Felix Zeitler
Max Otto Zitzelsberger